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“I had a few contacts with some Chinese clubs, but I chose to finish my season with Milan and then make my decisions.

“This was the worst period in my career,” Menez told L'Equipe. “I suffered a similar injury with PSG in the past, but I was back to playing after two months.

“We'll see. For the moment I'm happy where I am. We'll have to sit around a table and have a chat with the Milan directors.

“I'll be frank: mine is a beautiful job and I played in some great club澳门外围投注s, but not all of us were born rich, so when an offer comes through of the type that the Chinese are making, it's only human to think about it.

Menez was at the receiving end of some criticism for his slow recovery and his recent performances.

The Frenchman then turned to the subject of his contract, and his future with the Rossoneri.

<21点官网p> “But last summer [joint-CEO Adriano] Galliani told me I wasn't going to leave. He was having none of it.”

Jeremy Menez admits 'it's human to consider' his Chinese offers, whilst discussing his contract with Milan.

“When we found out about the infection I was relieved. Today I feel better, even though I'm still a bit worried and it will take some time to get back to my top form.”

“My international career? I'm still 28 years old, so returning to Les 真人外围投注Bleus is not impossible. But this can't be considered an incentive now. When you no longer get called for a long time, you stop thinking about it.

“PSG? It was a positive experience, I won some trophies and I had fun. They're the team I'm most fond of, I'm proud to say that I played for them.”

The former Paris Saint-Germain player was the Rossoneri's most prominent striker last year, but he was blocked this season by a herniated disc.

“I'm bothered when people are unfair. In Italy people forget that I scored 16 goals last year. Journalists say that I play on my own and that I don't defend. They always find something, but I'm not perfect.

“This time I knew what to expect, so I prepared myself mentally. The problems began when I went back to training. Later we found out it was an infection. Things weren't easy for me, especially as I didn't know what was wrong with me exactly.