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“I think he's already the strongest player,” said former Inter striker Evaristo Beccalossi. “When you look at the relationship between quality and age, Dybala is the world's number one. I think of the young duo that Argentina have with him and [Mauro] Icardi and I must compliment [Juve Coach Max] Allegri for having developed him well.”

“But it's unfair to compare them as they are mature and established players, while he is still very young.”

A selection of Ser线上足球投注ie A pundits say Juventus' Paulo Dybala is already among the top ten strikers in the world.

“His goal against Sassuolo, hitting the ball-off balance but with absolute drive, was extraordinary and exciting.”

“Paulo is already in the world's top 10 of strikers, not only for his technical qualities but also for the character he's shown,” said Roma's 1990s striker Abel Balbo. “Today the players ahead 六合投注网站of him are [Lionel] Messi and [Cristiano] Ronaldo, as well as [Gonzalo] Higuain for his maturity. Then [Luis] Suarez, [Robert] Lewandowski, and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic.

The Gazzetta dello Sport gathered comments by a small group among former players and Coaches of the Italian championship about how mature the former Palermo poacher was and where he may be ranked in a hypothetical world hierarchy.

“I think we should stay calm and let him grow,” said Leicester City Coach Claudio Ranieri. “He's certainly a player who showed he has a lot in his repertoire. His future is written: he'll be among the top ten, and he'll get there naturally, in a short time.”

“No-one showed his skills and his personality at the age of 22,” said veteran Coach Fabio Capello. “He established himself in Italy and now he皇冠外围投注 needs a European consecration.